icon-04Relief from deportation

If you have been found guilty of committing a crime and are not an American citizen, you face removal and repatriation. A criminal lawyer can be the key to successfully fighting for your right to remain in the country by attacking and attempting to vacate your criminal conviction.

icon-04Asset Forfeiture

Your assets can be seized if they are alleged to be proceeds or instruments of a crime. Know how you can protect your possessions from forfeiture. If you fail to act quickly, you may end up waiving your right to make a claim. Forfeiture cases are governed by very strict timelines.

icon-04Drug Trafficking & Extradition

Drug trafficking offenses carry some of the most severe punishments in the country. Building a strong case can help you when facing related charges, including conspiracy and money laundering, or extradition. Sometimes arranging for voluntary surrender is the best approach.

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